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32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics

August 16 (Monday) - 22 (Sunday), 2004
Beijing, China

Conference website: http://ichep04.ihep.ac.cn

Scientific Program

10: Hadron spectroscopy & exotics

HS1, HS2: Room 17C, HS3, HS4: Room 16

HS1: 16:30-18:30 August 16, Chairman E. Klempt
16:30-16:43 Ya-jun Mao
(Peking U.)
Searching For The Pentaquark At HERMES
abs talk
16:45-16:58 Joerg Gayler
Searches for Pentaquarks at the H1 Experiment
abs talk
17:00-17:13 Amita Raval
Pentaquark searches with ZEUS at HERA
abs pdf ps talk
17:15-17:28 M. Medinnis
Search for Pentaquarks in 920 GeV Proton-Nucleus collisions with HERA-B
abs talk
17:30-17:43 Xiaoyan Shen
Pentaquark and multi-quark searches at BES
abs talk
17:45-17:58 Chih-Hsun Lin
Pentaquark searches at LEP
abs ps talk
18:00-18:13 M.Danilov
Pentaquark search and study of Ds J resonances at Belle
abs talk
18:15-18:28 I. Kravchenko
Pentaquarks and other spectroscopy results at CDF
abs talk


HS2: 9:00-11:00 August 17 Chairman: B.S. Zou

9:00-9:18 V. Halyo
Pentaquark searches and properties of Ds J resonances at Babar
abs ps talk
9:20-9:33 F.Fang
(Hawaii U.)
Search for New Particles in B Decay at Belle
abs talk
9:35-9:44 R. V. Kooten
(Indiana U.)
Properties of the X(3872) state
abs talk
9:45-10:03 H. Lipkin
Why Pentaquarks are seen in some experiments and not in others
abs talk
10:05-10:18 B.Q. Ma
(Peking U.)
Pentaquarks in Chiral Soliton Models
abs talk
10:20-10:33 E. Swanson
(Pittsburgh U.)
Molecular Interpretation of the X(3872)
abs talk
10:35-10:48 F. Close
(Oxford U.)
Charmonium Hybrid Production in Exclusive B Meson Decays
abs ps talk
10:50-10:59 M. Jeitler
Measurements of semileptonic Xi0 decays, the Xi0 lifetime and the Xi0 -> Lambda gamma decay asymmetry
abs talk


HS3: 9:00-11:00 August 18, Chairman: H. Lipkin

9:00-9:18 LiaoYuan Dong
Study of scalar mesons at BES
abs talk
9:20-9:38 Fred Harris
(Hawaii U.)
Charmonium decays involving mesons and baryons at BES
abs talk
9:40-9:53 Y.S Zhu
Study of 12% rule and charmonium transitions at BES
abs talk
9:55-10:08 K.Berkelman
(Cornell U. )
psi(2S) and psi(3770) hadronic decays at CLEO
abs talk
10:10-10:23 Y. Kubota
(Syracuse U.)
Charmonium spectroscopy at CLEO
abs talk
10:25-10:38 Steve Blusk
(Syracuse U.)
Upsilon decays at CLEO
abs pdf pdf ps talk
10:40-10:58 Biagio Di Micco
Study of the Phi radiative decays with the KLOE detector
abs ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 talk


HS4: 11:30-13:00 August 18, Chairman: F. Harris

11:30-11:43 J. Rosen(Northwestern Univ.) Final results from FNAL E835 on the study of charmonium states in antiproton-proton annihilations
abs talk
11:55-12:08 Klaus Peter
(Bochum U.)
Open and hidden charm spectroscopy with Panda
abs talk
12:10-12:23 P. Wang
Universal phase between strong and EM interactions
abs talk
12:25-12:38 Yury Guz
Study of the reaction \pi- p->\eta'\pi0 n at the VES spectrometer
abs ps talk
12:40-12:55 E. Klempt
(Bonn U.)
Summary of posters in hadron spectroscopy