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32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics

August 16 (Monday) - 22 (Sunday), 2004
Beijing, China

Conference website: http://ichep04.ihep.ac.cn

Scientific Program

11. Heavy Quark Mesons and Baryons Room 17B

HQ(1): August 17 (T) 09:00-11:05. Chair: S. Giagu

09:00-09:25 I.W. Stewart
Recent results from SCET
abs talk
09:25-09:40 C.K. Chua
(ASIP, Taipei)
Covariant light front approach for s-wave and p-wave mesons
abs talk
09:40-10:00 J. Berryhill
Radiative penguin decays at BaBar (including CP)
abs talk
10:00-10:20 H. Yang
B->K pi pi gamma, rho /omega gamma, Xs gamma and the photon spectrum at Belle
abs talk
10:20-10:40 M.Z. Wang
B decay modes involving baryons at Belle
abs talk
10:40-11:05 H.n. Li
(ASIP, Taipei)
kT  factorization of exclusive decays
abs ps talk


HQ(2): August 17 (T) 16:30每18:41. Chair: S. Giagu

16:30-16:45 R. Stamen
Hot topics at Belle
abs ps talk
16:45-17:00 F. Bianchi
(INFN Torino)
Hot topics at BaBar
17:00-17:16 M. Rescigno
(INFN Roma)
Evidence for Bs->phi phi and Study of other B-> V V at CDF
abs talk
17:16-17:36 A. Gritsan
Polarization and related studies in B->phi K* and other V V at BaBar
abs talk
17:36-17:56 J.Z. Zhang
Polarization and related studies in B->phi K* and other V V at Belle
abs talk
17:56-18:11 A. Bondar
Dalitz analysis in B -> K hh three-body modes at Belle
abs talk
18:11-18:26 C.W. Bauer
Nonleptonic B decays from SCET
abs talk
18:26-18:41 M. Pierini
Charming Penguins in Charmless B Decays
abs talk


HQ(3): August 18(W) 09:00-11:00. Chair: D. Pirjol

09:00-09:15 P.T. Chang
B -> eta,eta',omega modes at Belle
abs talk
09:15-09:35 F. Palombo
(INFN Milano)
Charmless quasi-two body modes at BaBar
abs talk
09:35-10:00 S. Ricciardi
(Royal Holloway)
Bdecay to open and hidden charm at BaBar
abs talk
10:00-10:25 A. Drutskoy
Bdecay to open and hidden charm at Belle
abs talk
10:25-1040 L. Oliver
Sum rules in heavy quark limit of QCD and Isgur-Wise functions
abs talk
10:40-11:00 A. Oyanguren
(LAL Orsay)
Recent B physics results from LEP experiments
abs pdf talk


HQ(4): August 18(W) 11:30-13:05. Chair: D. Pirjol

11:30-11:50 S. Towers
(Stony Brook)
Bc and heavy baryon properties at D0 and CDF
abs talk
11:50-12:05 Anyes Taffard
Top production cross section from CDF
abs talk
12:05-12:20 Ariel Schwartzman
W helicity measurement in top quark decays at D0
abs talk
12:20-12:35 Z.G. Si
Top quark spin effects at the Tevatron and LHC
abs talk
12:35-12:50 C. Troncon
Top physics at ATLAS
abs talk
12:50-13:05 A. Cerri
Recent charm physics results at CDF
abs talk


HQ(5): August 18(W)14:30-16:00. Chair: G.W.S. Hou

14:30-14:50 Y.S. Gao
Semileptonic D -> pi/K-bar l nu at CLEO and Belle
abs talk
14:50-15:05 J.C. Chen
D decay branching fractions measurements at BES
abs talk
15:05-15:20 A. Ryd
Hadronic D decays and D meson decay constant from CLEO
abs pdf talk
15:20-15:40 M. Charles
(U. Iowa)
D and tau decay results at BaBar
abs talk
15:40-16:00 J. Li
D0 每D0bar mixing and D decay results at Belle
abs talk


HQ(6): August 18(W) 16:30-18:39. Chair: G.W.S. Hou

16:30-16:45 M. Purohit
(South Carolina)

D0 每D0bar mixing and CP results at BaBar

abs talk
16:45-17:00 G. Rong
psi (3770) production and its non-D Dbar decays at BES
abs talk
17:00-17:18 Jianchun Wang
(Syracuse University)
Evidence for Bs in upsilon (5S) decay at CLEO and upsilon (4S) studies at BaBar
abs talk
17:18-17:33 H. Staengle
Electroweak penguin decays at BaBar
abs talk
17:33-17:53 A. Ishikawa
B -> Xsl+l- and AFB in B -> K*l+l-at Belle
abs talk
17:53-18:09 M. Herndon
(Johns Hopkins)
Bs/Bd/D0 -> mu+mu- at CDF / D0
abs talk
18:09-18:24 G.Dubois-Felsmann
Leptonic B decays (including K(*)nu nu ) at BaBar
abs talk
18:24-18:39 Y. Kwon
B ->tau nu, mu nu, e nu at Belle
abs talk

Poster session:

J. Koerner - Radiative corrections to polarization effects in top quark decays