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32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics

August 16 (Monday) - 22 (Sunday), 2004
Beijing, China

Conference website: http://ichep04.ihep.ac.cn

Scientific Program

6. QCD soft interactions, Room 17C

QCDsoft-1: 9:30-11:00 August 16 Chair: Markus Diehl/Zhiqing Zhang

9:30-9:42 M. Hauschild
Charged particle multiplicity distribution
abs ps talk
9:45-9:57 Yuanfang Wu
Phase Space dependency of Event-by-Event Fluctuations in \pi^+ p and K^+ p collisions at 250 GeV/c
abs talk
10:00-10:12 A. Sissakian
Thermalized states
abs talk
10:15-10:27 Qin Liu
(CCNU, Wuhan)
Striking empirical regularities in hadron-production processes: Can they be understood in terms of QCD?
abs talk
10:30-10:42 Dezso Varga
Hadron-nucleus collisions as a laboratory for the study of multiple soft hadronic interactions
abs talk
10:45-10:57 Eugeny Solodov (Novosibirsk) Precision hadronic cross section measurement with CMD-2 detector at VEPP-2M collider
abs ps talk


QCDsoft-2 11:30-13:00 August 16 Chair: Zhiqing Zhang / Markus Diehl

11:30-11:46 Eugeny Solodov
Studies of e collisions with a hard initial state photon at Babar
abs talk
11:50-12:10 A Hoecker
(LAL Orsay)
Minireview on Vacuum polarization contribution to muon g-2
abs talk
12:15-12:35 A Vainshtein
(U Minnesota)
Minireview on Light-by-light scattering contribution to muon g-2
abs talk
12:40-12:56 S. Banerjee
(Tata Inst.)
Color reconnection
abs talk


QCDsoft-3 14:30-16:00 August 16 Chair: Markus Diehl / Zhiqing Zhang

14:30-14:46 M. Kapishin
(JINR, Dubna)
Inclusive diffraction at HERA
abs pdf talk
14:50-15:06 O. Gutsche
Diffractive charm, jet and exclusive production
abs talk
15:10-15:22 X. Janssen
Diffraction at high t
abs pdf talk
15:25-15:41 M. Gallinaro
(Rockefeller U)
Run II results at the Tevatron on diffraction
abs talk
15:45-15:57 C Royon
Diffractive Higgs production
abs talk


QCDsoft-4 11:30-13:00 August 17 Chair: Zhiqing Zhang / Markus Diehl

11:30-11:46 Heuijin Lim
Leading baryons at HERA
abs talk
11:50-12:10 N. Coppola (NIKHEF Amsterdam) Production of vector mesons at HERA
abs pdf talk
12:15-12:31 F. Ellinghaus
(U Colorado)
New results on Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at HERA
abs talk
12:35-12:55 T. Kaneko
Minireview on recent results from unquenched lattice QCD simulations
abs talk


QCDsoft-5 14:30-16:00 August 17 Chair: Markus Diehl / Zhiqing Zhang

14:30-14:50 Augustine Chen
(National Central U,Taiwan,)
Inclusive cross sections and exclusive channels in two-photon collisions
abs talk
14:55-15:07 Bin-An Li
(U Kentucky)
Effective low-energy theory and its applications
abs talk
15:10-15:22 S. Levonian
Inclusive photoproduction of mesons and anti-deuteron at HERA
abs pdf talk
15:25-15:41 I. Aracena
(U Bern)
Bose-Einstein (Fermi-Dirac) correlations at LEP and HERA
abs talk
15:45-15:57 Z.H.Ren
(Columbia U)
Searches QCD-instanton induced events in DIS at HERA
abs pdf talk