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32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics

August 16 (Monday) - 22 (Sunday), 2004
Beijing, China

Conference website: http://ichep04.ihep.ac.cn

Scientific Program

8. CP Violation, Rare Kaon Decay & CKM Room, 17B

CP-1 [CPV in Kaon physics & Vus] August 16, Chair: G. Isidori

9:30-9:45 Antonio Pich
(Valencia U)
Theory of CPV in K decays
abs talk
9:48-9:58 J. Prades
(Granada U)
CPV in K -> 3pi
abs talk
10:00-10:13 Vladimir Kekelidze
NA48/2 results on charged K decays
abs talk
10:15-10:25 V. Obraztsov
ISTRA results on K decays
abs pdf talk
10:27-10:42 M. Antonelli
Vus & rare KS decays from KLOE
abs ps talk
10:45-10:58 F. Mescia
Theory of Vus
abs talk


CP-2 [Rare decays] August 16, Chair: G. Isidori

11:30-11:45 Leandar Litov
Neutral K decays from NA48 and NA48/1
abs talk
11:48-12:03 Taku Yamanaka
(Osaka U)
KTeV results on Vus and rare KL decays
abs talk
12:06-12:19 S.Chen
BNL-E949 results on K+ -> p+ nn
abs talk
12:21-12:31 C.Scarlett
Understanding CPV through Rare K decays
abs talk
12:33-12:43 GeiYoub Lim
Status of the KEK-PS E391a: Searching for KL -> p0 nn
abs talk
12:45-12:58 K.Y. Lee
Implications on the CKM phase from B->rho g
abs talk


CP-3 [sin2beta/phi1 from charm and penguins], August 16, Chair: J. Olsen

14:30-14:50 Philip Gutierrez
abs talk
14:55-15:12 M. Bruinsma
(UC Irvine)
sin(2beta) + cos(2beta) at Babar
abs talk
15:15-15:28 T. Higuchi
sin(2phi1) from b->ccs at Belle
abs ps talk
15:30-15:43 T. Aushev
sin(2phi1) from b->ccd at Belle
abs talk
15:45-15:58 K.F. Chen
sin(2phi1) from penguins at Belle
abs talk


CP-4 [sin2beta/phi1, gamma/phi3, moments and Vcb] August 16, Chair: J. Olsen

16:30-16:47 Andreas Hoecker
sin(2beta) from penguins at Babar
abs talk
16:50-17:03 C. S. Kim
(Yonsei U)
Time dependent CP asymmetry of phi K, eta' K
abs talk
17:05-17:22 G. Cavoto (INFN Roma/Princeton) gamma + sin(2beta+gamma) at Babar
abs talk
17:25-17:38 A. Bozek
phi3 + sin(2phi1+phi3) at Belle
abs talk
17:40-17:57 B. Grinstein
(San Diego)
Theory of the endpoint region of exclusive rare B decays
abs talk
18:00-18:13 E. Barberio
Hadron/Lepton Moments
abs talk
18:15-18:28 Vera Luth
abs talk


CP-5 [Vub, alpha/phi2, and CKM fits], Chair: C.S. Kim

11:30-11:43 T. Iijima
Vub at Belle
abs talk
11:45-11:48 Daniele del Re
(UC San Diego)
Vub at Babar
abs talk
12:00-12:17 M. Cristinziani
alpha from pi pi + rho pi at Babar
abs talk
12:20-12:33 A. Parkhomenko
Time-dependant CPV in B->pi pi within the SM
abs talk
12:35-12:45 Marcella Bona
Current Status of the CKM Matrix
abs pdf talk
12:47-12:57 Muriel Pivk
Advanced Profile of the CKM Matrix
abs talk


CP-6 [alpha/phi2 and direct CPV] Chair: C.S. Kim

14:30-14:43 A. Somov
phi2 (rho-pi) at Belle
abs talk
14:45-14:58 C. Dallapiccola
(U Mass)
Alpha (rho-rho) at Babar
abs talk
15:00-15:13 Salim Safir
CKM matrix from non-leptonic B decays
abs talk
15:15-15:28 Jinwei Wu
(U Wisconsin)
Direct CPV in charmless 2- & 3-body decays at Babar
abs talk
15:30-15:43 Y. Chao
Direct CPV in charmless 2-body decays at Belle
abs talk
15:45-15:58 Giovanni Punzi
Direct CPV in charmless 2-body decays at CDF
abs talk