ICHEP'04 Accepted Papers

Session 1: Neutrino Masses & mixings

Deng Huaizhang U Pennsylvania The recent results from Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Guler A.M. METU CHORUS Results on the Search for nm-nt Oscillation
Ishida Taku KEK K2K experiment
Kang Sin Kyu Seoul National U Implications of SNO and BOREXINO Results on Nuetrino Oscillations and Majorana Magnetic Moments
Koide Yoshio U Shizuoka Neutrino Masses without Seesaw Mechanism in a SUSY SU(5) Model with Additional ar{5}'L+5'L
Lalanne Dominique IN2P3 New Results on Double Beta Decay from the NEMO 3 Experiment
Li Jin IHEP Beijing Low Energy Neutrino Physics at the Kuo-Sheng Reactor Laboratory TEXONO
Liao Wei ICTP Towards Precision Measurements in Solar Neutrinos
Low Catherine U Melbourne The Search for the Minimal Family Symmetry that Generates the Neutrino Mixing Matrix
Luk Kam-Biu LBL Determining Theta13 Using Nuclear Reactors
Pearce Geoff Ratherford Appleton Lab The Minos Experiment
Pessard Henri LAPP The OPERA Experiment
Rodejohann Werner SISSA Deviations from Bimaximal Neutrino Mixing
Saji C U Tokyo Recent Results from Super-Kamiokande on Atmospheric Neutrino Measurements
Sankar Sankagiri Ua I.I.T. Bombay Atmospheric Neutrinos as Probes of Lorentz and CPT Violation
Shimizu I Tohoku U Latest Status of KamLAND Oscillation Analysis and Future Prospect
Sugiyama Hiroaki KEK Exploring Leptonic CP Violation by Reactor and Neutrino Superbeam Experiments
Takeuchi Y. U of Tokyo Recent Status of the XMASS Project

Session 2: Quark matter & heavy ion collisions

Kaempfer B. Dresden Dileptons and Open Charm: Probes of Chiral Symmetry Restoration
Bass S. Durham Reaction Dynamics of Heavy-Ion Collisions
Bearden I. Copenhagen Particle Production at Forward Rapidity at RHIC
Flierl D. Frankfurt Indications for the onset of deconfinement of nuclear matter
Hatsuda T. Tokyo Hot and Dense QCD on the Lattice
Huang H. Los Angeles Open Charm Production at RHIC
Itakura K. Saclay Color Glass Condensate in High Energy QCD
Jacak B. Stony Brook Jet Structure of Baryons and Mesons in Nuclear Collisions
Ko C.M. Texas A&M Theoretical overview of relativistic heavy ion collisions
Kozlov G.A. JINR Deconfined Phase via Multi-particle Correlations
Qiu J. Iowa Coherent Multiple Scattering and Di-hadron Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions
Scomparin E. Torino Dilepton and Charmonium Production at SPS
Wu T. Wuhan Status and Physics Perspectives of ALICE Experiment at LHC
Zhang B.W. Wuhan Jet-quenching of Massive Quark in the Nuclear Medium
Zhuang P.F. Beijing Charmonium in Heavy-Ion Reactions

Session 3: Particle astrophysics & cosmology

Barbiellini G. INFN Trieste GRB: a luminous candle?
Cushman Priscilla CDMS/U Minnesota First Results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search in the Soudan Underground Lab
Hayashi Mitsuo J. Tokai U Dilatonic Inflation and SUSY Breaking in String-inspired Supergravity
Kounine Andrei AMS02 Astroparticle Physics with AMS-02
Lin Chich-Hsun AMS02 Cosmic-ray Astrophysics with AMS-02
Ma Yuqian IHEP Results from the L3+C Experiment
Morselli A. GLAST Search for Dark Matter with GLAST
Moscoso L. CEA/Saclay ANTARES Status report on the Antares project
Olbrechts Philip AMANDA Results of the AMANDA Detector
Pepe Monica GLAST-LAT High Energy Gamma Ray Physics with GLAST
Sander C. U Karlsruhe Excess In EGRET Data on diffuse Gamma Rays: a Signal of Dark Matter Annihilation?
Tiwari.Govt. A.K. T.R.S.College India A Report Of Cosmic Ray Daily Variation
Ward B.F.L. Baylor U Massive Elementary Particles and Black Holes
Yi Zhang Tibet AS-gamma A Wide Northen Sky Survey for both TeV cosmic ray anisotropy and TeV gamma ray source using Tibet-III Air Shower Array

Session 4: Electroweak Physics

Ruiz Hugo ALEPH CERN W mass and width incl. BE and CR
Alton Drew D0 Michigan Di-boson production and gauge couplings
Choi Suyong D0 Riverside SM Higgs similar cross sections
Costa Joao Guimaraes da CDF Harvard Top quark mass
Cushman P. Minnesota BNL g-2 results
Halkiadakis Eva CDF Rochester W/Z/Drell-Yan Afb and couplings
Hawkings R. OPAL CERN Heavy flavour (b c)
Hays Chris CDF Duke W mass and width
Ma Bo-Qiang Beijing NuTeV theory aspects
Malgeri Luca L3 CERN 4-fermion production (xsecs GCs)
Muehlleitner Margarete PSI LC prospects on EW incl. GC top Higgs
Nagano Kunihiro ZEUS KEK Polarised cross sections
Petroff Pierre D0 Orsay W and Z cross sections R etc.
Petti Roberto CERN NOMAD ew mixing angle
Quayle Bill ATLAS Wisconsin LHC prospects on ew (incl. GC and top)
Ranieri Riccardo CMS INFN/Firenze LHC prospects on SM Higgs
Renton Peter DELPHI/ EWWG Oxford Global EW fit and Higgs mass
Sauvan Emmanuel H1 CPPM Marseille (Multi-)Lepton production
Sonnenschein Lars D0 Boston Top cross sections (ttbar single t)
Stirling James Durham PDFs
Torrence Eric Oregon Results on tau physics from BaBar
Vaiciulis Tony CDF Rochester Top decays incl. W helicity
Venanzoni Graziano Frascati Hadronic cross section at KLOE
Yost Scott Baylor Bremsstrahlung corrections in e+e-
Zhang Bin Tsinghua Anomalous Higgs couplings at the LHC

Session 5: QCD hard interactions

Florian Daniel de Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina Perturbative generation of a strange-quark asymmetry in the nucleon
Bracinik Juraj MPI Munich Jets in Photoproduction at HERA
Chlebana Frank FNAL Tevatron Jet physics
Danilov Mikhail ITEP Moscow Results on Heavy Flavor Production in 920GeV Proton-Nucleus Interactions
Dobur Didar Freiburg U Measurements of Forward Jet and Pi0-Meson Production in DIS at HERA
Everett Adam Wisconsin Madison Event shapes
Gwenlan Claire Oxford UK Extraction of parton densities from HERA data
Jong Paul De NIKHEF Charm and Beauty Production at the Tevatron
Kienzle Maria Geneva U Study of the hadronic photon structure function at LEP
Kiryluk Joanna MIT Spin Physics with STAR at RHIC
Kluge Thomas DESY Prompt Photon Production at HERA
Kluth Stefan MPI fr Physik Studies of the 4-jet rate and of moments of event shape observables using data from the JADE experiment
Kretzer Stefan BNL/RIKEN-BNL Mini-Review on Fragmentation Functions and Polarized Parton Densities
Lendermann Victor U Heidelberg Inclusive Measurements at Low Q2 at HERA
Liang Zuo-tang Shandong U Hyperon polarization in hh/hA collisions and some related problems
Loizides John H Argonne and U College London Charm Production at HERA-I and Heavy Flavors at HERA-II
Marchesini G. Milan-Bicocca U Jet-shape observables
Maxwell Chris Durham Comparison of the Gottfried and Adler sum rules within the large-Nc expansion
Meyer Andreas U Hamburg Beauty Production at HERA
Moch Sven DESY Parton distributions at NNLO
Obraztsov Vladimir Protvino LEP fragmentation studies using jets and Inclusive charged hadron production in 2-gamma collisions
Pakhlov P. ITEP e+ e- -> double (ccbar) production at Belle
SAVIN Igor Dubna Recent results on Polarized Quark and Gluon Distributions at COMPASS
Schmitt Stefan U Zuerich High Q2 Charged and Neutral Current Cross Sections at HERA-I and HERA-II
Soldner-Rembold Stefan Manchester U QCD studies and alpha_s measurements from e+e- annihilations at LEP
Ward Bennie Baylor U QED $otimes$ QCD Threshold Corrections at the LHC

Session 6: QCD soft interactions

Aracena I. U Bern Bose-Einstein (Fermi-Dirac) correlations at LEP and HERA
Banerjee S. Tata Inst. Color reconnection
Chen Augustine National Central U Taiwan Inclusive cross sections and exclusive channels in two-photon collisions
Coppola N. NIKHEF Amsterdam Production of vector mesons at HERA
Ellinghaus F. U Colorado New results on Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at HERA
Gallinaro M. Rockefeller U Run II results at the Tevatron on diffraction
Gutsche O. DESY Diffractive charm jet and exclusive production
Hauschild M. CERN Charged particle multiplicity distribution
Hoecker A LAL Orsay Minireview on Vacuum polarization contribution to muon g-2
Janssen X. DESY Diffraction at high t
Kaneko T. KEK Minireview on recent results from unquenched lattice QCD simulations
Kapishin M. JINR Dubna Inclusive diffraction at HERA
Li Bin-An U Kentucky Effective low-energy theory and its applications
Lim Heuijin DESY Leading baryons at HERA
Liu Qin CCNU Wuhan Striking empirical regularities in hadron-production processes: Can they be understood in terms of QCD?
Ren Z.H. Columbia U Searches QCD-instanton induced events in DIS at HERA
Royon C Saclay Diffractive Higgs production
Sissakian A. JINR Thermalized states
Solodov Eugeny Novosibirsk Precision hadronic cross section measurement with CMD-2 detector at VEPP-2M collider
Solodov Eugeny Novosibirsk Studies of e collisions with a hard initial state photon at Babar
Vainshtein A U Minnesota Minireview on Light-by-light scattering contribution to muon g-2
Varga Dezso CERN Hadron-nucleus collisions as a laboratory for the study of multiple soft hadronic interactions
Wu Yuanfang EHS-NA22 Phase Space dependency of Event-by-Event Fluctuations in pi^+ p and K^+ p collisions at 250 GeV/c

Session 7: Computational quantum field theory

Florian Daniel De Resummed cross section for Higgs Boson production
Giacomo Adriano Di Chiral Phase Transition and Deconfinement in Nf=2 QCD
Hari Dass N.D. A Teraflop Linux Cluster for Lattice Gauge Simulations in India
Mescia Federico Sea quark effects in B_K from Nf=2 clover-improved Wilson fermions
Pirjol Dan Factorization theorems from the Soft-Collinear Effective Theory
Tomboulis E.T. Approach to the confinement regime via RG decimations in SU(N) LGT

Session 8: CP Violation ,Rare Kaon Decay & CKM

Aushev T. ITEP sin(2phi1) from b->ccd at Belle
Barberio E. Melbourne Hadron/Lepton Moments
Bona Marcella INFN-Turin Current Status of the CKM Matrix
Bruinsma M. UC Irvine sin(2beta) + cos(2beta) at Babar
Cavoto G. INFN Roma/Princeton gamma + sin(2beta+gamma) at Babar
Chao Y. NTU Direct CPV in charmless 2-body decays at Belle
Chen S. TRIUMPH BNL-E949 results on K+ -> p+ nn
Chen K.F. NTU sin(2phi1) from penguins at Belle
Cristinziani M. SLAC alpha from pi pi + rho pi at Babar
del Re Daniele UC San Diego Vub at Babar
Grinstein B. San Diego Theory of the endpoint region of exclusive rare B decays
Gutierrez Philip Oklahoma Mixing/Lifetimes
Higuchi T. KEK sin(2phi1) from b->ccs at Belle
Hoecker Andreas LAL/Orsay sin(2beta) from penguins at Babar
Iijima T. Nagoya Vub at Belle
Kekelidze Vladimir Dubna NA48/2 results on charged K decays
Kim C. S. Yonsei U Time dependent CP asymmetry of phi K eta' K
Lee K.Y. KAIST Implications on the CKM phase from B->rho g
Lim GeiYoub IPNS KEK Status of the KEK-PS E391a: Searching for KL -> p0 nn
Litov Leandar Dubna/CERN Neutral K decays from NA48 and NA48/1
Luth Vera SLAC Vcb
Mescia F. INFN-Frascati Theory of Vus
Parkhomenko A. Bern Time-dependant CPV in B->pi pi within the SM
Pivk Muriel CERN Advanced Profile of the CKM Matrix
Prades J. Granada U CPV in K -> 3pi
Punzi Giovanni Pisa Direct CPV in charmless 2-body decays at CDF
Safir Salim Munich CKM matrix from non-leptonic B decays
Scarlett C. BNL Understanding CPV through Rare K decays
Somov A. Cincinnati phi2 (rho-pi) at Belle
Yamanaka Taku Osaka U KTeV results on Vus and rare KL decays

Session 9: R&D for future accelerator & detector

Bravar Ulisse Oxford U MICE: The international Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
Colas Paul CEA/DAPNIA/SPP New Developments on Micromegas Detectors for High Energy Physics
Cushman Priscilla U Minnesota Performance of the Multi-Channel Hybrid Photodiodes for CMS HCAL
Danilov Michael ITEP Highly Granular Scintillator-Based Calorimetry for a LC Detector
Gan K. K. Ohio State U Radiation-hard ASICs for Optical Data Transmission in the ATLAS Pixel Detector
Iwamoto Toshiyuki ICEPP U Tokyo The MEG Detector to Search for mu -> e gamma Decays
Jiang Chunhua IHEP CMS Muon Detectors
Li Weiguo IHEP The Status of the BESIII Detector
Lounis Abdenour Inst. De Recherches Subatomiques The CMS Tracker End Cap
Lu Changguo Princeton U Limited Streamer Tubes for the BaBar Instrumented Flux Return Upgrade
Monnier Emmanuel U de la Mediterranee The ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter
Trischuk William U Toronto Recent Advances in Diamond Detector Development
Troncon Clara Milano INFN The ATLAS Pixel Detector
Wallny Rainer UCLA Operational Experience and Performance of the CDFII Silicon Detector
Wienemann Peter DESY Design and Construction of a TPC using GEM Foils for Gas Amplification
WU Jian U Science and Technology of China Multi-Gap Resistive Plate Chamber
Zhang Chuang IHEP Performance of the BEPC and Progress on the BEPCII

Session 10: Hadron spectroscopy & exotics

Berkelman K. Cornell U. psi(2S) and psi(3770) hadronic decays at CLEO
Blusk Steve Syracuse U. Upsilon decays at CLEO
Danilov M. ITEP Moscow Pentaquark search and study of Ds J resonances at Belle
Dong LiaoYuan IHEP Beijing Study of scalar mesons at BES
Gayler Joerg DESY Searches for Pentaquarks at the H1 Experiment
Guz Yury Protvino Study of the reaction pi- p->eta'pi0 n at the VES spectrometer
Halyo V. SLAC Pentaquark searches and properties of Ds J resonances at Babar
Harris Fred Hawaii U. Charmonium decays involving mesons and baryons at BES
Jeitler M. CERN Measurements of semileptonic Xi0 decays the Xi0 lifetime and the Xi0 -> Lambda gamma decay asymmetry
Klempt E. Bonn U. Summary of posters in hadron spectroscopy
Kravchenko I. MIT Pentaquarks and other spectroscopy results at CDF
Lin Chih-Hsun NCU/Taiwan Pentaquark searches at LEP
Lipkin H. Weizmann Why Pentaquarks are seen in some experiments and not in others
Medinnis M. DESY Search for Pentaquarks in 920 GeV Proton-Nucleus collisions with HERA-B
Micco Biagio Di Roma Study of the Phi radiative decays with the KLOE detector
Peter Klaus Bochum U. Open and hidden charm spectroscopy with Panda
Raval Amita DESY Pentaquark searches with ZEUS at HERA
Swanson E. Pittsburgh U. Molecular Interpretation of the X(3872)
Wang P. IHEP Beijing Universal phase between strong and EM interactions
Zhu Y.S IHEP Beijing Study of 12% rule and charmonium transitions at BES

Session 11: Heavy quark mesons & baryons

Bianchi F. INFN Torino Hot topics at BaBar
Bondar A. BINP Dalitz analysis in B -> K hh three-body modes at Belle
Cerri A. LBNL Recent charm physics results at CDF
Chang P.T. NTU B -> eta eta' omega modes at Belle
Charles M. U. Iowa D and tau decay results at BaBar
Chen J.C. IHEP D decay branching fractions measurements at BES
Chua C.K. ASIP Taipei Covariant light front approach for s-wave and p-wave mesons
Drutskoy A. Cincinnati Bdecay to open and hidden charm at Belle
Gao Y.S. SMU Semileptonic D -> pi/K-bar l nu at CLEO and Belle
Gritsan A. LBNL Polarization and related studies in B->phi K* and other V V at BaBar
Herndon M. Johns Hopkins Bs/Bd/D0 -> mu+mu- at CDF / D0
Ishikawa A. KEK B -> Xsl+l- and AFB in B -> K*l+l-at Belle
Kwon Y. Yonsei B ->tau nu
Li H.n. ASIP Taipei kT factorization of exclusive decays
Oliver L. Paris-Sud Sum rules in heavy quark limit of QCD and Isgur-Wise functions
Oyanguren A. LAL Orsay Recent B physics results from LEP experiments
Palombo F. INFN Milano Charmless quasi-two body modes at BaBar
Pierini M. Roma Charming Penguins in Charmless B Decays
Purohit M. South Carolina D0 -D0bar mixing and CP results at BaBar
Rescigno M. INFN Roma Evidence for Bs->phi phi and Study of other B-> V V at CDF
Ricciardi S. Royal Holloway Bdecay to open and hidden charm at BaBar
Rong G. IHEP psi (3770) production and its non-D Dbar decays at BES
Ryd A. Cornell Hadronic D decays and D meson decay constant from CLEO
Schwartzman Ariel Princeton W helicity measurement in top quark decays at D0
Si Z.G. Shandong Top quark spin effects at the Tevatron and LHC
Stamen R. KEK Hot topics at Belle
Taffard Anyes Illinois Top production cross section from CDF
Troncon C. Milano Top physics at ATLAS
Wang M.Z. NTU B decay modes involving baryons at Belle
Wang Jianchun Syracuse University Evidence for Bs in upsilon (5S) decay at CLEO and upsilon (4S) studies at BaBar
Yang H. SNU B->K pi pi gamma rho /omega gamma Xs gamma and the photon spectrum at Belle
Zhang J.Z. KEK Polarization and related studies in B->phi K* and other V V at Belle

Session 12: Beyond the standard model

Ask Stefan U of Lund/DELPHI Extra Dimension Search at LEP
Banerjee Sudeshna Tata Institute/D0 Charged Higgs Boson Search at Tevatron
Barr Alan U Cambridge Mini-Review: Higgs and SUSY at the LHC
Choi S.Y. Chonbuk National U Korea Supersymmetry at the Linear Collider
Devivie Jean B. Marseille/ALEPH SUSY Search at LEP
Garcia Pablo CIEMAT Madrid/L3 Charged Higgs Boson Search at LEP
Giacomelli Giorgio U Bologna/OPAL New Physics Search at LEP
Hou George W.S. National Taiwan U Heavy Quark Phenomenology
Kajfasz Eric CPP Marseille/D0 Extra Dimension Search at ppbar and ep Colliders
Kalinowski Jan Warsaw U Extra Dimensions and CP Violation at the Linear Collider
Kamon Teruki Texas A&M mSUGRA Signals at LHC and LC
Kao Chung U Oklahoma Discovering the Higgs Bosons of Minimal Supersymmetry with Muons and a Bottom Quark
Kneur Jean loic Precise determination of the neutral Higgs boson masses in the MSSM
Lafaye Remi CERN/ATLAS Reconstruction of Fundamental SUSY Parameters at LHC and LC
Lath Amitabh Rutgers U/CDF New Physics Search at Tevatron
Meyer Arnd RWTH Aachen/D0 SUSY Search at Tevatron
Nandi Satyanarayan Oklahoma State U Gauge Higgs and Matter Unification in Extra Dimensions
Nguyen Chinhan DESY/ZEUS SUSY Searches at HERA
Niebuhr Carsten DESY/H1 Lepton Flavor Violation Search at ep and pp Colliders
Ohshima Takayoshi Nagoya U/BELLE Lepton Flavor Violation Search at B Factories
Piccinini Fulvio INFN Pavia Higgs Self-couplings at the LHC as a Probe of Extended Higgs Sectors
Rizzo Thomas SLAC Phenomenology of Little Higgs and No Higgs Models
Schoening Andre ETH Zuerich/H1 New Physics Search at HERA
Tong Guoliang IHEP/BES Searching for Lepton Flavor Violation and Other Rare Decays at BES
Yao Weiming LBNL/CDF Neutral Higgs Boson Search at Tevatron
Zer-Zion Daniel UC Riverside/ OPAL Neutral Higgs Boson Search at LEP
Zhou Yu-Feng Dortmund U Higgs Physics and CP Violation
Zhu Shouhua Carleton U Canada Mini-Review: Physics at a gamma gamma Collider

Session 13: String theory

aharana Jnandeva ndia Non-local Conserved Currents for NSR String in AdS# Background
iannakis Ioannis USA SuperHiggs Mechanism in String Theory
ozano-Tellechea Ernesto Israel On the Black Hole/Black Ring Transition

Session 14: Plenary

Ali A. Desy Review of Heavy Quark physics-Theory
Barbieri Riccardo Pisa Searching for new physics
Binetruy Pierre LPTHE Orsay Particle Astrophysics & Cosmology
Brau Jim U. Oregon R&D for future detectors
Close F. Oxford Univ. Hadron Spectroscopy-an overview(Theory)
Dunlop James RHIC Quark matter at High Density/Temperature
Ellis J. CERN Conference summary
Giorgi Marcello BaBar Recent results of CP violation in B decays
Hashimoto Shoji KEK Recent results on Lattice Calculations
Heinemann Beate U Liverpool/CDF. Search for New Phenomena at the Tevatron
Jin Shan IHEP New Results on Hadron Spectroscopy(Experiments)
Klein Max H1-DESY QCD at High Energies at HERA
Langacker Paul Univ. Penn. Neutrino Physics (Theory)
Ligeti Zoltan LBL CKM and CP Violation-Theory
Lucchesi Donatella U Padova/CDF New results for heavy flavors and QCD tests at Tevatron
Miller David U. College London Physics at Linear colliders
Patera Vincenzo KLOE Rare K decays and CP
Sakai Yoshihide Belle Recent results of B decays
Shipsey Ian CLEO Charm Physics
Stirling James Durham Univ. QCD Review(Theory)
Teubert Frederic CERN Electroweak Physics
Wang Yifang IHEP Neutrino Physics-non-accelerator based experiments
Yokoya Kaoru KEK Future accelerators